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We were so excited to be featured on the blog Earth Friendly Tips

The Tabor Place lunchbox, the Lucabox, as featured in their article "The Best Eco-friendly lunch boxes and bags"


These silicone lunch boxes from Tabor Place make it incredibly easy to pack a lunch without worrying about harmful chemicals leaching into your kids’ food. They’re made from high-quality premium silicone, which means they’re non-toxic, plastic free, and phthalate-free.

They have three convenient compartments to help keep food clean and separated. The wall in the middle compartment is also slightly lower, so you can pack a utensil inside.

Additionally, they have a see-through lid that’s leak-resistant, easy for kids to take on and off, and helps them see what’s inside.


We were thrilled to be featured on the Shawna & Lala podcast!

Check out the full episode here - titled "Back in Middle School" 

Here's a few clip from their episode - 




Yahoo Finance shared our Press Release about PFAS: The Lead of Our Generation ! 

Yahoo Finance features Tabor Place PFAS: The Lead of our generation



We're so honored and excited to be a part of Mother Mag's newest feature - 

"The Cutest and Coolest Lunchbox for Kids" 

Tabor Place Luca Box Mother Mag lunchbox

The writer, Katie Hintz-Zambrano, writes "How cool is the tie-dye print on this lightweight, 3-compartment silicone lunchbox? If the swirls aren't your thing, it also comes in green and purple.

The Luca box is a premium, food-grade silicone lunchbox that is both safe and durable. Its 3 compartments provide ample space for a variety of food portions. Perfect for school and work lunch with no worry of spills."

We're so excited and honored!!!

Tabor Place Luca Box feature in Mother Mag

Featured on Babylist as part of Amazon Prime Deals to watch for: 

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Daily Mom Tabor Place Baby Essentials

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 3 Little Plums Tabor Place Low/No plastic water bottles

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Featured on the Amazon Lifestyle social media: 




Featured on the Amazon Lifestyle social media: