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Set of 3 - Acacia Wood plates - 8 inches

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Set of 3 - Acacia Wood plates - 8 inches each (slightly smaller than dinner plate size) perfect for the littlest of hands.

Why does it seem like all "durable" plates are... well, ugly? Made of thick plastic (yucky microplastics) and usually in bright colors, with cartoon animals - or they look more suited for a hospital, and not your beautiful home.

Our Acacia wood plates are beautiful and sophisticated - with a timeless aesthetic that will compliment almost any of dinnerware set. Each of our plates is sanded down to a smooth natural finish - and then oiled to remain hydrated, even after repeated washings.

the BEST part is that they will survive the hardest of throws off a highchair, or even a fall down the stairs. Each plate is unique and will retain the natural beauty of the trees it came from - even with the roughest of treatment.

Great for outdoor dining, for your little ones to eat or snack off of - or even for an elderly loved one.

There's no need to compromise on style - you can use these versatile plates for pretty much any use, and not have to worry about breaking them. 

Why Wood?
Wood is a natural antimicrobial - and studies have shown that bacteria is less likely to survive on it (why wooden cutting boards have been used for ages!)

But what about plastic?

All plastic is toxic to eat or drink from - even if it's BPA free. Check out our research page to read about the countless studies on this! 

How easy is it to clean?

Super simple to clean! Just a quick hand-wash - although if you must put it in the dishwasher, we recommend TOP RACK ONLY, and only fragrance-free, non-abrasive dishwashing soap. Most dishwashers can go to very high temperatures which may warp or chip these beautiful plates over time. Plus, a super abrasive soap may dry out the surface of your plates, and an overly fragrant soap may leave its' odor, after repeated uses. 

Is it microwave safe?

Yes - you can microwave food on these plates, however we recommend that you not cover your food when doing so - as this may also lead to warping over time. 

Also - wood retains heat (duh 🤪) so it will be hot when you pull it out of a microwave. Beware of this when serving to little ones ! 


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