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The Mini Cups - Set of 2

  • $43.00
Double Green
Green & Purple
Double Purple - 2x Small mini Cups


The Mini Cup - Our 5oz version of the bestselling Luca Sippy!

This is a set of 2 mini cups - The perfect starter kit for your toddler


Our Sippy Cup is made with super-strong borosilicate glass (aka Pyrex) so it's non-toxic and free of all the harmful chemicals that come from plastic.

It's surrounded by a shock-absorbing silicone sleeve for extra durability and shatter-resistance! It's practically spill-proof due to the slanted silicone straw reaching all the way to the bottom of the cup and the measurement window on the side lets you know how much liquid is remaining.

The 150 ml (5 oz) Straw Sippy Cup was designed by a millennial mom who just wanted something better than plastic.

Handles are removable and all pieces come apart for easy cleaning in the dishwasher! With this cup, it's easy to use less plastic with your toddlers!

Key Features: 

  • 150 ml (5 oz) Glass Straw Sippy cup - practically spill proof and designed so that liquids never touch plastic! 
  • Strong borosilicate glass (aka Pyrex) make this cup non-toxic, durable and shatter-resistant. This cup is pretty tough to break!
  • Slanted silicone straw reaches all the way to the bottom of the cup - getting every last bit of liquid! We make it easy to use less plastic with our toddlers
  • Shock-absorbing silicone sleeve protects the inner glass, and makes it easy to grip, with a window on the side so you can see how much liquid is left in the cup (unlike stainless steels cups where you can't see inside unless the top is open)
  • Handles are removable - and all pieces come apart for easy dishwasher cleaning
  • Platinum cured silicone straw is flexible, with a valved tip which makes it leakproof!
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