Why glass?


We know why plastics are bad... 

but why glass ?

  • Borosilicate glass (a.k.a. Pyrex) is super safe, never toxic, and very durable. 
  • Won't leech microplastics and toxic chemicals into what you're drinking
  • You can see how much you have left in your cup!
  • Producing glass is much friendlier for the environment than producing plastic !

Why not Stainless steel ?

  • You can't see how much is left in the cup,
  • Can't see how dirty the cup is
  • Starts developing an odor over time. 

But what about those Silicone Sippy cups?

They look adorable and are non-toxic, but they have a funky smell that only gets worse with each washing. 

I've seen cups that say they're made out of "wheat straw fiber" - those sound safe & non-toxic.... 

Unfortunately, they're just a new kind of plastic. Many companies are now making lots of cute plates & cups for kids using "wheat straw fiber" which is essentially wheat starch & cellulose made into plastic, which has been found to be even more toxic than regular plastic. They're definitely NOT safe for eating and drinking out of.