About us

We are millennial parents and we have grown up learning to be conscious about what we are exposed to. We care about what we have in our home, and even more about what our little ones are exposed to. We'll also admit, we're a little picky and we like things that are nice and stylish! After we had our first child, we saw how almost everything on the market was plastic. We started researching and learned that


What's even more scary is that we are surrounded by them, including BPAs and the lesser known BPSs. So what are these toxic chemicals? 


Well, BPAs have been proven to be so toxic that they were outlawed by the FDA for use in all baby bottles and sippy cups. Problem solved, right? Unfortunately, no. Recent studies have shown that the chemicals that are used in BPA-free plastics (BPS) are just as toxic as BPAs! 


In the past year, studies have shown that bottled water (the disposable ones, which are loaded with BPAs) have thousands of microscopic plastic particles in them - so much so, that the average person can ingest between 74,000 - 112,000 a year. 

These statistics left us to wonder, how can we help keep our kids safe in such a toxic world?

Well, besides keeping calm and carrying on, we can make choices that reduce our exposure to plastics and the toxins that come along with them. 

That's why we're passionate about creating products with legacy materials - like glass and wood and other things that come from nature.

Materials that have been proven to be safe for our bodies and the planet. 

We hope you'll join us on our journey to being healthier and helping our kids learn to do the same!