About us


Tabor Place: Empowering Health-Conscious Families for a Safer Tomorrow

Tabor Place is a company founded by a millennial mom who is deeply committed to creating a healthier and safer environment for children. Guided by a passion for quality, style, and sustainability, founder Beatrice Gomberg embarked on a mission to revolutionize the way families approach everyday products.

Beatrice’s journey began when she became a mom and recognized the overwhelming presence of plastic on the market; particularly in products for children. Concerned about the potential health risks associated with plastics, she delved into extensive research and discovered the alarming truth: all plastics, including supposedly "safe" alternatives, harbor toxic chemicals that can be harmful to both young lives and the planet.

Fueled by a determination to make a positive change, Tabor Place set out to offer alternatives that resonate with the values of health-conscious families. Beatrice firmly believes that everyone deserves to know what goes into the products they bring into their homes, especially those designed for the next generation.

One of the company's primary focuses is eliminating exposure to harmful chemicals, particularly BPA and BPS, which have been linked to health concerns. BPAs were once banned by the FDA from baby bottles and sippy cups due to their toxicity. However, Tabor Place recognized that BPS, often used as a BPA-free alternative, poses similar risks. With an unwavering commitment to transparency, the company openly shares their laboratory testing results, paving the way for informed consumer choices.

In a world inundated with plastic waste and microscopic particles permeating our surroundings, Tabor Place offers a solution: products made from legacy materials such as glass and wood, sourced directly from nature. These materials have stood the test of time, proving to be safe for both human well-being and the environment. By providing alternatives that align with their core values, Tabor Place empowers families to make conscious decisions that contribute to a healthier lifestyle and a safer future.

Tabor Place recognizes the importance of compliance with stringent safety standards. They conduct thorough testing on their products, ensuring that every item is rigorously evaluated for potential hazards. Tabor Place is committed to exceeding legal requirements for testing, and their dedication to accuracy and reliability is reflected in their transparent testing practices.

At Tabor Place, they’re not just creating products; they are building a movement. A movement towards mindful consumption, health-conscious choices, and a safer world for the generations to come. Join Tabor Place on their inspiring journey to shape a future where families can thrive without compromising on style, quality, or safety.