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So durable - your toddler will find it hard to break

Why we made this cup

No microplastics

Even your toddler will struggle to break it

Leakproof straw

Liquids don't touch plastic

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  • Super Durable

    Our cups are made from durable borosilicate glass (aka Pyrex)

  • Tabor Place glass sippy cup

    Spill Proof Design

    Take our cups anywhere without making a mess!

  • Tantrum Tested

    Our strong glass and protective silicone sleeve makes our cups practically shatterproof - trust us, our kids have personally tested them!

  • Easy to Clean

    Our product designs can be hand-washed and are top rack dishwasher safe.

  • Our Handles Detach

    Leave them on to make carrying drinks easier or take them off to help little ones feel like "big" kids.

  • Color Options

    Let your kiddos express themselves and pick their favorite color combos! Choose from mint, indigo, or orange!

  • Silicone straw cup for toddlers

    Secure Fit

    Our products are sure to fit any cup holder so your little ones can set them down when they need to take a break.

  • Silicone Straw

    Our silicone straw is slanted inside the bottle to ensure kids get every last drop of their drink!

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What our customers are saying about us

  • "So glad I bought these bottles. Just get the two pack and you won’t regret it. These bottles are so easy to clean. Everything comes apart so you can clean it really well. It is also leak proof and the silicone covering the glass makes it break proof. Not to mention the cutest design. My son fell in love with these sippy cups the minute I gave it to him."


  • "I love using non-toxic products for my toddler, especially glass and silicone. I was using another brand similar to these, and the glass broke with a toss from my toddler. I love that these are 8oz as my 2 year old is drinking more now, the long straw is great and stays put, and so far they have survived 3 toddler tosses with no breakage! Awesome product and I highly recommend."


  • "These glass sippy cups were my very first glass sippy cups and I am glad they are perfect so that I don't have to look any further! We've always used glass baby bottles for formula since we don't like to warm/heat liquids/food in plastic. When my daughter switched from formula to cow's milk we found out she did not like cold milk so we had to find a glass alternative to the plastic sippy cups we use for water. This sippy cup is leak proof in regular situations - which is enough by my standards (I have not put the sippy cup through the upside-down-in-the bag test), easy for my 13 month old to hold, easy to clean and made from quality materials. These bottles are well worth the price, they are very well designed and I'm happy there's a good glass sippy cup alternative out there."

    Jason A.

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