Our Lucabox was featured in Mother mag !

Our Lucabox was featured in Mother mag !

We're so honored and excited to be a part of Mother Mag's newest feature - 

"The Cutest and Coolest Lunchbox for Kids" 

The writer, Katie Hintz-Zambrano, writes "How cool is the tie-dye print on this lightweight, 3-compartment silicone lunchbox? If the swirls aren't your thing, it also comes in green and purple.

The Luca box is a premium, food-grade silicone lunchbox that is both safe and durable. Its 3 compartments provide ample space for a variety of food portions. Perfect for school and work lunch with no worry of spills."

We're so excited and honored!!!

Tabor Place Luca Box feature in Mother Mag


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