Why you should STOP DRINKING from aluminum cans...

Why you should STOP DRINKING from aluminum cans...

Here's why you should STOP drinking out of aluminum cans... and try and switch to glass bottles instead.

One really easy way of reducing the amount of plastic you eat every day - is by switching from aluminum cans to glass bottles.

Every single aluminum can is lined in plastic on the inside.

This plastic has BPA - according to Coca Cola - 

AND BPA is no fucking joke, okay - the first government studies on BPA showed that it caused cancer in the rats that were tested, and scientists for YEARS have been pleading with our government to regulate it and lower the levels allowed in our food packaging. The FDA did ban BPAs from all children’s baby bottles and Sippy cups - but haven’t done anything else. BPA is linked to neurological issues in children, obesity, diabetes, heart disease, altered immune response and lots of different cancers- specifically breast cancer.

(Ultimately, this is why I founded my company, Tabor Place. Because I didn't want children to be exposed to this, and other chemicals like this - when their parents thought they were keeping them safe.)

And one fundamental misunderstanding with bpa - is that it’s non-monotonic, meaning it doesn’t follow a normal dose response relationship - small amounts can have big impacts in your body, whereas high amounts sometimes don’t have bigger impacts.

However after many years of pleading though -the EU has finally taken the science seriously - and lowered the total daily intake safety level this year significantly - it’s now 20,000 times lower than it was before. That was in the Spring, and they announced just last month that they’re now planning on a total BAN in food contact materials.

So all that being said - by switching to glass bottles, instead of drinking out of aluminum cans that are lined in plastic - you’ll be reducing your exposure tremendously . Progress not perfection -


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