Are Microplastics the Lead of our generation? 10 ways to avoid microplastics

Are Microplastics the Lead of our generation? 10 ways to avoid microplastics

Microplastics are now so ubiquitous - that it's more about where we DON'T find them, instead of where we actually do... 

Just in the past year - we've found microplastics in:

- Our hearts, and they're linked to an increase in heart attack, stroke & death.

- Our brains, where they're linked to accelerated neurogeneration. 

- Microplastic rain clouds all over the world.

And strangely, one of the worst impacts of microplastics is the least headline grabbing:

- How microplastics disrupt our gut microbiome and make cancerous tumors more likely to grow in our bodies.... 

Multiple studies in the past few years have linked microplastics with cancer:

- Microplastics may be directly causing colorectal cancer

- Microplastics promote breast cancer tumor growth

- Microplastics promote the proliferation of skin cancer cells.

And considering how many far reaching diseases and disorders are associated with microplastics - it seems almost as though they're actually worse than Lead for our generation.... 


So what can we do?

Well here are 10 ways to reduce your exposure to microplastics ! 

1. Open a window - dust is possibly our #1 source 

- And since we spend almost 90% of our lives indoors now, we end up breathing in a lot of microplastics. They leach off of all the plastic that we're surrounded with - off of the wall paint, the synthetic carpeting, waterproof floor sealant, polyester blinds - and we end up breathing all this in! Just open a window or get an air filter. Especially in your bedroom!

2. Try and eat foods that are as fresh & unprocessed as possible

The more processed your foods are - the more microplastics there are in them!
A recent study found microplastics in every single type of meat they tested - however, the breaded shrimp and chicken nuggets had the highest amounts... 

3. Buy in glass when you can-

if you can't find it in glass, then the next best option is tetrapak cartons - they've been proven to leach less microplastics and phthalates than regular plastic jugs (polyethylene terephthalate). 

4. Replace your plastic shower curtain liner! If you can, get a cloth liner instead 
5. When you eat something processed- just try and take it out of the package when you can
6. Stop buying plastic clothes -

7. Don't drink bottled water. Get a water filter for your house it's under $100
8. Lots of great beauty & body products are not in plastic - bar soap, bar shampoo, stick lotion,
9. Get cleaning & body care products in concentrates instead of a disposable plastic bottle
10. If you do have body care in plastic - try it keep it out of the sunlight and away from a heat source (like next to your shower!). 


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