Bottled Water is a massive Scam

Bottled Water is a massive Scam

Bottled water is one of the biggest scams of the past few decades - and the fact that it’s 2024 and people are still convinced that bottled water is the solution just shows how well the propaganda has worked.

We are literally killing the planet and OURSELVES by drinking massive amounts of unnecessary bottled water - we literally have nano plastics in our brain which cause cognitive decline, and we have plastic rocks washing up on beaches all over the world - and yet, people are still convinced that bottled water is somehow GOOD for you.

Most bottled water just comes from municipal water supplies, except now it gets the added contamination of the plastic and the chemicals that leach out of the plastic

Bottled water is actually LESS regulated than municipal tap water - when it gets recalled for Arsenic contamination you’ll never known about it

The longer the water sits in the plastic, the more chemicals & microplastics it gets -

There’s a number of things that increase the amount of plastic leaching off:

- any exposure to light, heat, agitation -

but are there any regulations on bottled water? No !

And I routinely see PALLETS of bottled water just sitting out baking in the sun when I go into stores - there’s no regulation that plastic water bottles need to be refrigerated throughout the entire transportation journey - nor is there even an expiration date printed on the bottles.

Companies don’t even have to tell you where it came from - and even then, they LIE ABOUT IT and then aren’t held accountable.

In order to make polyethylene terephthalate you need to use Antimony - this is a toxic heavy metal - and it shows up in bottled water all the time.

Plus, all plastic used for bottled water has either BPA or one of the other bisphenols - which are super toxic in tiny amounts because of their non-monotonic response.


    Ultimately though - the absolute simplest solution is just getting one of the many effective water filters for your tap water. No matter where you live, how bad your water quality and how little money you have - you can get a water filter that will be BETTER than bottled water.

    There are super effective water filters for $45 - you can also get massive whole house systems too - but the bottled water industry wants you to think that their product better than anything you could possibly do at home- and it’s the opposite.

    Don’t give any of your money to these evil corporate overlords - please just get a water filter! I'll post all my water filter recommendations soon -  


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      I have always been told you have to use reverse osmosis to remove the fluoride from the public water supply. What is worse—fluoride or BPA?

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