The best water filters - for every budget!

The best water filters - for every budget!

You need to get a water filter

I’m going to give you the best water filter recommendations for every budget!

So good news: recent studies have shown that our municipal Water treatment filtration is pretty good at removing micro plastics -

But the bad news: it’s terrible at removing PFAS - and it probably will be for a while, due to the billions of dollars annually needed to get to safe levels.


PFAS are the toxic forever chemicals that build up in your body and can stay there for years -

And they’re in ALL OF OUR WATER, and currently levels in our RAINWATER also exceed what the EPA says is safe

They’re linked to multiple types of cancer (including brain cancer), obesity, heart disease, ulcerative colitis and lots of other terrible things.

But what’s great is that there are lots of options out there - no matter your budget or household size…

Pitcher Filters:

Here are the smallest & most budget friendly water pitchers that will remove PFAS:

If you have a Brita water filter system, it won’t remove PFAS - however, you don’t have to buy a whole new unit - just get a CYCLOPURE replacement filter, it’s only $45 and you pop that in your Brita system, and it WILL REMOVE all the PFAS

Countertop Units

For Countertop units, here are 3 that are super effective: Next, if you need something larger, you can go with a Countertop unit -

Other good options are the AquaTru countertop Unit and the Travel Berkey (NOT THE BIG BERKEY)

Undersink Water filters

My ultimate recommendation would be go to with an under sink filter - it can seem intimidating to install, but honestly, they’re not - I’ve had a few, and I’ve done them all by myself.

The Aquasana 2 stage was the top pick from Wirecutter is only $125

But the best one that will filter the most volume for the longest time - is any 3 Stage reverse osmosis filter.

Many studies have shown them to be by far the most effective at removing PFAS

My absolute favorite is the AquaSana 3 stage under sink - make sure to get the mineral boost, to add back in all the good stuff that your body needs that are taken out by its’ highly effective 3 stage filter….

But remember, it won’t make much of a difference how clean your water is - if you’re drinking it out of plastic.

Make sure that you avoid drinking out of plastic - I love Kleen Kanteen for grownups - and of course, Tabor Place glass cups for kids!


  • Posted by Melissa L on

    Thank you! It’s so hard to figure out water filters while they’re all just trying to sell themselves! I’m so thankful for your content & hopeful that your working on some big kid and adult cups as I don’t have a toddler anymore:)

  • Posted by Tazsa on

    What brand pitcher filter do you suggest

  • Posted by Peter Maxwell on

    To obtain safe drinking water, I believe that utilizing a high-quality water filter is the best choice. Water Pure Technologies ( has provided us with safe, clean drinking water. I sincerely appreciate the crew’s time and effort in explaining the benefits of their water filtration system!

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