Studies on Microplastics & chemical additives are harmful to human health

Studies on Microplastics & chemical additives are harmful to human health

Plastic has been proven to be toxic to human health in a myriad of ways - feel free to share these and lead the way to a plastic free life! 

- United Nations Environmental Programme - Chemicals in Plastic, published November 2023

- Big summary document made to inform policy at the Global Plastics treaty

- PlastChem report, published March 2024

- 16,000 Chemicals present in plastic
- Only 38% of chemicals have any toxicity data
- 26% of chemicals in plastic are known to be toxic to human health

- Food Contact chemicals of concern, published June 2022

- Details 388 different chemicals of concern that are currently allowed in our food contact materials

IPEN report on Endocrine Disruptors and their threat to human health, published March 2024

- Details how pesticides, chemicals from plastic & other environmental pollutants negatively impact human health

IPEN report called Plastics, EDCs & Health

- Details how chemicals from plastic impact children & adults negatively, outlining the worst sources & the lifelong impacts


OBESOGENS - here are studies linking endocrine disrupting chemicals to weight gain: 

Obesogens: a unifying theory for the global rise in obesity

- OBESOGENS - A REPORT from the Center for Science in public interest

Adipogenic Activity of Chemicals Used in Plastic Consumer Products


The potential impact of nano- and microplastics on human health: Understanding human health risks.

The triple exposure nexus of microplastic particles, plastic-associated chemicals, and environmental pollutants from a human health perspective


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